We Empower Program Managers By Simplifying Delivery of Mission Support and Technology Solutions.


We are aggressively committed to ensuring that our customers can trust us to consistently deliver what they need when they need it.

Stewardship and integrity are essential in our line of business. These “rules of engagement” delineate us from our competitors. They define the mechanics of our success, and the longevity thereof.

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We partner with program managers to provide senior acquisition, program management and technology support services. An added bonus is our ability to collapse the acquisition cycle thanks to our 8a program participation. Our 8a certification enables the program manager to drive solution timing and quality in a non-competitive environment.


Competitive Range is the brainchild of Noah Vasquez, a Former War Fighter and Warranted Contracting Officer. From inception we have aimed to ensure that the efficiency of contracting with Competitive Range is unparalleled by any other partner. Working with us is SIMPLE.

Industry’s Leading Integrators

Competitive Range as part of its risk based engagement framework leverages from time to time the skills and corporate experience of its strategic large business partners. When we partners with large businesses we strengthen our overall approach while mitigating risk and delivering awesome results for the best customers in the world.


Competitive Range leverages a risk based engagement approach to ensure that we deliver right sized and relevant goods and services to market. Specifically, we collaborate with our customers to derive an understanding of the requirement risk considerations.

Our aim is to reduce to writing how success imperatives and program risks are defined by our team and yours. In the discovery phase it is our customer’s risk considerations that drive conversation that lays a foundation for development of sound and relevant mitigation strategy.

Findings are mutually agreed and documented.

To derive a suitable delivery approach build upon the above noted risk based engagement process. Placing an emphasis on requirement risk drives how we posture ourselves to address the most relevant customer challenges.

A sound strategy will apply critical thought to all risk consideration and meet the most relevant risk areas with proven solutions and a solid partner strategy. This approach may lead to teaming with echo system partners to achieve the desired outcome.

Competitive Range believes that in the Government competitive landscape solutions are not always 100% technical. We understand that complete solutions (plans) must include consideration of procurement considerations.

Accordingly, our engagement approach not only emphasizes technology and mission support solutions but also acquisition strategy and alternatives. An 8a certified small business; we can provide our customer extraordinary flexibility and control of solution timing and quality in a non-competitive environment. The net benefit of or approach is sound solution delivery plan derived from program risk that is powered by Competitive Range resources and in some cases other industry experts/ partners.

The above noted due diligence and acquisition efficiency is backed by a team of certified project management professionals bringing the execution value that Competitive Range offers full circle.

Happy Customers…